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Distribution With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Product Description

The distribution utility is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics D365. The purpose of this utility is to provide users ability to create transfer order in bulk from outside the Microsoft Dynamics D365. It is a very light weight application, with straight forward installation process.

Users is able to filter articles based on departments, hierarchies and categories. The filtered articles can we selected with relevant dimensions (i.e. color and size) for distribution. Once user have selected required articles then user is presented with a grid where user can see and enter quantities for multiple stores. A single distribution can hold data which later on converted into multiple transfer orders in side Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This application helps users to reduced their warehouse operations work load to create multiple transfer orders with no time from outside the Microsoft Dynamics 365 promises. Secondly all the users who may use this application would not require any Microsoft Dynamics 365 license


This application can be used in any industry where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Inventory module is being used.

Applied Technologies

  • C# .net, SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics 365

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viztos screens

Why Distribution with Microsoft D365?

Carefully designed and thoughtfully put together to remove most common limitations of available POS softwares in the market. Viztos with its advanced UI, elegant design and top of the line features to cater restaurants, bars and workshops. Have a look at following features:

Select Multiple Destination Stores

Distribution Utility allows user to select multiple destination stores to create distribution in a single flow.

Create Distribution for Specific Company

Distribution Utility allows user to select specific company to create distribution.

Easily Filter out Articles

Distribution Utility allows user to easily filter out articles based on product hierarchy and categories

Precise Article Dimension Selection

Distribution Utility allows user to select article’s dimension like color and size to create distribution for specific dimension.

Save it for Later

Distribution Utility allows user to prepare distribution and save it locally until its integrated

Multiple Transfer Orders

Distribution Utility allows user to create multiple transfer orders in single distribution run

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