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Farm Management System

Product Description

Farm Management Software is used to optimize and manage farm operations and production activities. The software helps in automating farm activities such as record management, data storage, monitoring and analyzing farming activities, as well as streamlining production and work schedules. The software is customized to meet specific poultry farm requirements since each farm has particular activities that are carried out with some variation so room for customization is still there.


The farm management system is to support any commercial level aminal farm. This system provides ability to management mutiple companies, farms within companies, houses within farms and flocks. The Livestock industries can benefit from this software.

Applied Technologies

  • React JS, Sass, Ant Design, JavaScript, redux, redux-thunk, redux-persist, axios, localforage, indexedDB, react-detect-offline
  • UI/UX design, Agile Management
  • PostgresSql, Nginx, odoo(Python,XML)

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Why this Farm Management System?

Our Software tops all those basic softwares available in the market, in terms of competitive pricing and the operational coverage this software provides you. Along with Efficiency, Easy to Use & elegant design, Following are one of the best features of the product.

Forecast and Measure Profits

Farming is no longer considered a part-time activity but a serious business like any other business. Businessperson should keep track of all the expenses and any activity being carried out on the farm. Farm management software comes with a feature that helps to keep track of all activities to improve efficiency as well as boost productivity.

Track and Measure Field Activities

Farm has several employees that assist with day-to-day operations of the business. The software helps the farm employees to track relevant information on the farm for the farm manager to oversee the performance. The system also makes it possible to keep track of customizable factors like, weight, feed, vaccination and daily checkup as well.

Reports Based On Realistic Data

Farm management system tracks real-time on the ground progress to provide you realistic reporting on each process, which is carried out on daily basis. Our reporting system can help the farm owner to keep a bird eye view on overall progress. Forecasting and decision making is made a lot easier and more result oriented.

Record Sales and Purchases

Farm management system provides features to record and track most of the supply chain management concepts.

IOT, moniter and present data from different sensors

Farm management system provides realtime monitoring dashboard which shows from different sensors installed in the farm.

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