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Education Management System

Product Description

EMS is made by keeping all the basic needs of any educational institutes for training, sessions, programs or educational classes, so everything is possible under one roof. First of all an organization is registered along with its institutions and campuses. All programs, courses, classes, timetable and even room allocation for all of that can be set in our LMS. This Software can help an institute achieve its optimum level of efficiency in daily operations as well as the ones planned throughout the year.


EMS is made like an all-rounder software, which can be used to manage any educational activity that entails series of sessions or programmed classes. Institutes from the academia or from any industry that provides training or scheduled classes, be it sports, industrial, eLearning courses/online training. By utilizing an LMS trainers/institutes can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI and more.

Applied technologies

  • Frontend: React JS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React Beautiful DnD
  • Backend: Core, ADO.Net, SQL Server, LINQ
  • Deployment: Azure AppServices

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Why this Education Management System?

There are plenty of softwares with cheap prices and good UI designs but they don’t really provide such a range of functional features. LMS Let you plan and sort things out for you on every level. Following are the prominent features:

SaaS based Application

Being a Saas based product it brings all the perks of internet and cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere you just need a screen and internet, all your data is being actively backed up on cloud and you don’t have to worry about all the progress over the time getting lost.

Dynamic Admission Form Builder

Dynamic admission form builder is a tool similar to the worldwide used tool called google forms. Our LMS has its own form builder, you can create sections, different pages, add different ways of answering a question and adding required and optional and all kinds of conditions on questions.

Manual or Auto Generated Timetable

The timetable feature allow users to craeted timetable on a single click. The Auto generated timetable uses the availability and preference set for the teachers and rooms to build the suitable timtable. Any timetable can be modified manually, user is able to update teacher, subject or rooms for each time card.

Multiple Views of Timetable

The timetable be viewed from the perspective of a single teacher, subject and room. Additionally, the timetable can be viewed for all teacher, all subjects and all rooms as well.

Manage Session, Programs, Classes and Sub-Classes

The education management system allows users to create multiple sessions, programs and classes in the hierarchy.

8 Steps Detailed Class Creation

The education management system provides a wide range of attributes for a class. The class attributes are grouped into basic information, registartion and seats, schedule, billing and payment, terms and condition and application form.

Separate Portal for Teachers, Students and Parents

The education management system offers separate portal for teachers, students and parents. Teachers and students can use there portal to moniter and participate in class activity, communicate with other students or with teacher.

Manage Teachers, Students, Subjects and Enrollments

The education management system provides ability to manage data related to teachers, students, subjects and enrollments.

Manage Multiple Locations

The education management system provides ability create multiple location inside a single school which helps user get specific reports.

Up-front Complete Planned Payments Information

The education management system provides ability to view all the planned invoices for the enrolled class.

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