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Product Description

Viztos - a software that eliminates the common limitations in any other POS softwares businesses face. Viztos has custom designed Front End for user-friendly experience and backend runs on Odoo with most of the limitations mitigated like multiple sessions, web-based system, advanced UI design. Viztos is a premium software that covers your need of tracking sales, inventory as well as your customer’s data and the statistics of your business with cutting edge tech and with minimal steps to operate all of it.


Viztos is specially designed for the needs of restaurants, bars and workshops, but still have the capacity to be customized for other industries as well. Viztos is designed by keeping the idea of serving the customers in rush hour, maintaining the pace as the business with cutting edge tech to support its functionality.

Applied Technologies

  • React JS, Sass, Ant Design, JavaScript, redux, redux-thunk, redux-persist, axios, localforage, indexedDB, react-detect-offline
  • UI/UX design, Agile Management
  • PostgresSql, Nginx, odoo(Python,XML)

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viztos screens

Why Viztos?

Carefully designed and thoughtfully put together to remove most common limitations of available POS softwares in the market. Viztos with its advanced UI, elegant design and top of the line features to cater restaurants, bars and workshops. Have a look at following features:

Offline mode with order creation

With being the SASS product Viztos bring you all the perks of internet and cloud, but it does not limit Viztos if your run out of internet connection. Basic flow of order creation and to the stage of completing the order can be done in offline more and all the data is uploaded on the cloud when internet back on.

Real time Data updation on Kitchen Display Screens

For restaurant, Viztos specially offer costumed made Kitchen Display Screens (KDS), for the chef to update the done order status and to see the new orders and another screen for customers to see the status of their order and how soon will be served.

Save orders for late use

In business rush hours, you cannot afford to hinder the pace due to one order not getting to completing or payment stage. Save the order for later and continue with serving incoming customers, when that order is finalized for payment you can continue with it when you left it. Another use for this feature is if a set has two separate counters for sale punching and payment, then once an order is punched from one machine can be continued for payment from another machine.

Elegant design and easy to use

As the backend is built upon Odoo it gives you quite the options but with conventional/basic interface. Along with the capacity and smoothness of operations, Viztos brings an elegant design, good color combinations and very user friendly interface like a cherry on top. It makes the Viztos stand out other POS products in the industry.

Special Features for Car Oil Changer

Viztos have specialized features for oil change point clients. Customer inflow is managed by the Job card feature which can be used to record the customer and car information. The cashier can search and select a car for the customer, car reading history is also available to the cashier. Car reading can be recorded either at the time of job card creation or at the time of payment.

SMS to Customer

Viztos can send SMS to the customer at various steps. For example, when order payment is processed, the car's next service date is nearby, etc.

Multiple user sessions support for single location

Multiple users can access the location from different workstations. The features help handle the situation where each work station has its scope of work, for example, workstation # 1 is responsible for order creation only and workstation # 2 is dedicated to taking payments against the created orders.

Configurable features

Many of the features are configurable, customer side administrators can enable or disable, or alter data regarding a feature inside the shop setup. For example, Product card color, Product card text weight, Product instructions, Payment Notes, Worker mandatory or not, etc.

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