We Offer Data Warehousing and Power BI solutions

We provide effective business intelligence solutions, which help our customers to make vital strategic decisions.

We offer a complete solution in which we work on raw data to the meaningful information and result from their information by using power bi or any other platform.

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Data Warehousing and Power BI Services

Business intelligence solutions are the backbone of a keen organization to make effective and futuristic strategic decisions. BI solutions help management analyze the current and historical information of their organization to understand and realize the outcomes of previously made decisions, search inside becomes the key ingredient for the management to adjust their understanding of the circumstances.

Data Warehouse Consultation

Data warehouse consulting helps Identify the right solution to consolidate disparate data sources for analytical querying and reporting.

Building Data Warehousing

Automated data management procedures (data collection, transformation, cleansing, structuring, etc.) for increased data quality and reliability.

Power BI consultation

Power BI consultation services involve assistance with implementing and customizing a Power BI platform, as well as promptly upgrading the existing Power BI solution.

Power Apps Development

Microsoft has simplified and accelerated the app development. You can easily connect PowerApps to your existing data present in Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and Dynamics CRM, and more.

Our Development Process

Despite various detailed web development processes observed in the industry, we rather follow a simplistic approach to develop Power BI solutions. Our process is based on agile values such as customer engagement and working software instead of detailed documentation.


Inception and Elicitation

  • Talk to the customer
  • Listen to what the customer has to say
  • Brainstorm the ideas presented by the custoner


Propose Solutions

  • Use all the information got from the customer to figure out the best solution
  • Present the solutions to the customer
  • Have customers buy in on the solution



  • Allocate team
  • Create project backlogs
  • Plan sprints
  • Start working on the highest priority sprint

BI Development - Technology Stack




We have the capability of the most popular BI platforms, databases, and infrastructures.

We are always ready to adopt new BI technologies, to produce futuristic solutions. Currently, we use Power BI, Infomatica, and Excel for data cleaning.

Databases are used to store the data in a centralized location. Choosing the right database is vital for the successful run of the application. Currently, we use Microsoft SQL Server, Postgresql, Mysql for most projects.

When the application is developed and ready to be deployed for users to use, choosing the suitable infrastructure is important considering the maintenance efforts. Currently, we use Microsofta zure.

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